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Another bad move Shutterstock. Until this last “update” in the contributors UX, we were able and allowed to drag and drop selected (groups of) images in a set. It was kinda unperfect because of the un-select process at the end of this move but … it was very convenient to have this feature: click, click, click, click, drag, drop.



Now we have clickclickclickclick > combo menu >scrooooooool > select > click

Believe me: I’m VERY sensitive to every kind of useless mouse click or move because I’m subject to repetitive strain injuries. But it’s simply time consuming! A very very bad move.

IT SUX. Did someone ask for this change? I don’t think, since it’s NOT convenient: we were quick and comfortable with the old feature: you can ADD features, but that feature was GOOD.

And you delete it, do you?

Bad move, guys.