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Here we are with the VERY, VERY awaited NEW POND5! That’s exactly the same Pond5 with a new CSS style everywhere. Good. Redesigned and blaaaaa. Ok.

But … selling power, technical improvements to the contributors, fast reviewing time and more time-saving features to empower contributors would be interesting. This is NOT the right way to share enthusiastic hype for customers-side enhancement with contributors. When you show lots of effort to mantain a modern-style face to show off you’re not obsolete, well: that’s good. But not overrate this: a single piece of news … and the rest is visible to everyone.

When you’re working everyday the features you need are others. So… We are rising our heads … seeing that great “news” … and saying “meh, ok”. More automation, less time-consuming practices … and LISTEN to we contributors. There are little tricks to make our work lots of times faster.

And a lot of improvements could be in the education way: make selected courses of photoshop techniques from the basics to the advanced ones. We could learn and enhance our work and earnings.

Favorable partnerships with content-hungry enterprises … and so on 🙂

We have to EARN-MORE-MONEY 🙂