ah, davvero interessante! Traduzione velocussima: Office 2013 su Windows 8 su un portatile: il tipo impazzisce perché Word rimane minimizzato … finché non si accorge che il problema era aver precedentemente connesso un monitor esterno e chiuso word in quella condizione. Meglio non fare così, dunque. Meglio PRIMA portare word verso lo schermo “nativo” del portatile e POI spegnere, secondo lui. Interessante.

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I have just spent an extremely frustrating 3 hours trying to figure out why Word 2013 remained minimised on the task bar of my Windows 8 machine. Everything else opened up correctly including other Office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint.

I checked on other machines and it wasn’t the document I was trying to open – later found it was all Word documents – even those coming from my Skydrive.

Tried repairing Office – didn’t work

Looked through the registry – nothing

Tried opening Word through PowerShell – still minimised. Looked through the Word object – nothing.

Tried Internet searches – best option is to maximise through Task Manager – didn’t work. Tried move and size options – nothing.

Just had a brain wave. Yesterday I had an external monitor attached. Switched that on and there is Word in all its glory. Dragged the Window back to my laptop…

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